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Size: 30 days


ADAPTIVLAB Stress is specially designed to reduce stress states and better cope with daily tensions.
Enriched with Rhodiola, a renowned adaptogenic plant, and reinforced by our patented ingredient, Extramel®, this formula is supported by clinical studies demonstrating its effectiveness.

> Reduce your anxiety
> Maintain your emotional balance
> Improve your relaxation and well-being


Adaptogenic plant
> Rhodiola (100 mg)

Patented ingredient

> Extramel®, Melon SOD (10 mg)

Synergistic ingredients
> California Poppy (25 mg)
> Vitamin B6 (1.4 mg)

Natural peach flavor


Take 2 chewable gummies per day.

Do not exceed the daily dose (2 per day).

The 15-day pill box contains 30 gummies.
The 30 day pill box contains 60 gummies.


Ingredients :
Sweetener: maltitol syrup, water, gelling agent: fruit pectin, rhodiola root extract (Rhodiola rosea) (Outside EU), acidifier: citric acid, extract of aerial parts of California poppy (Eschscholzia californica) (EU), regulator acidity: sodium citrate, natural peach flavor, Extramel®: extract of melon juice (Cucumis melo) source of SOD (France), concentrate (paprika and carrot), vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine hydrochloride), conditioning agent coating: carnauba wax, sunflower oil.

Nutritional composition for 2 gummies:

> Extramel® melon extract: 10 mg (Including SOD (SuperOxide Dismutase): 140 IU*)

> Rhodiola extract: 100 mg

> California Poppy Extract: 25 mg

> Vitamin B6: 1.4 mg | NRV** 100%

* Unit of the International System of Enzymatic Activity.

** Nutritional Reference Value

  • Not recommended for children under 12 years old.
  • Excessive consumption can cause laxative effects.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
Size: 30 days

Product information


No added sugar

GMO free

Gluten free



> Helps the body adapt to emotional stress.
> Acts by limiting the secretion of cortisol.


Concentrate of bioactive melon molecules, naturally rich in SOD (Superoxide Dismutase), a powerful antioxidant.


Supports relaxation and mental well-being.


Contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system.

Extramel® SOD from Melon

Patented ingredient

symptoms of stress after 28 days

Significantly reduces all symptoms of stress (psychic, somatic, cognitive, relational)

According to FARD Scale (Ferreri Anxiety Rating Diagram) = new quantitative and qualitative evaluation scale of anxiety set up by Professor Ferreri (France).

What is a patented and objectified ingredient?

A patented ingredient is a unique component or mixture of very specific active ingredients protected by a patent . The formula, concentration and manufacturing method are precise, which guarantees the beneficial properties of the patented ingredient.

All the patented ingredients in our formulas are objectified , that is to say they justify rigorous scientific evaluations having demonstrated their effectiveness and their health benefits.

These evaluations are published in reference scientific journals through clinical studies or in vitro studies.

The presence of patented and verified ingredients in a product demonstrates its unique character and ensures its effectiveness .

What are the results of the studies on the objectified ingredient?

The effectiveness of this objectified ingredient has been demonstrated in two different clinical studies:

The first study conducted in 2009 was carried out among 70 adults
experiencing daily stress and fatigue
. A first group was supplemented with 10 mg of EXTRAMEL® concentrated melon juice (Melon SOD) per day for 4 weeks, while the second group took a placebo.

Following these 4 weeks, the treated group showed a significant improvement in the signs and symptoms of perceived stress and fatigue linked to physical performance (sleep disturbances - 38%), cognitive (concentration, weariness - 22%) or behavioral (irritability - 30%) compared to placebo. Study participants also reported an improvement in quality of life (+42%).

The second study carried out in 2014 was carried out on 61 adults with psychological stress and physical and mental fatigue . Similarly, the treated group received one capsule per day containing 10 mg of EXTRAMEL® (Melon SOD), while the control group received a placebo.*

At the end of the study, people in the treated group showed a significant reduction in perceived stress (- 7.2%) as well as physical (- 9%) and mental fatigue (- 20.8%) . They also reported an improvement in quality of life (+7%).**

*Study Milesi, M.-A., Lacan, D., Brosse, H., Desor, D. & Notin, C. Effect of an oral supplementation with a proprietary melon juice concentrate (Extramel®) on stress and fatigue in healthy people: a pilot, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. Nutrition Journal 8, 40 (2009).

**Study Carillon, J., Notin, C., Schmitt, K., Simoneau, G. & Lacan, D. Dietary Supplementation with a Superoxide Dismutase-Melon Concentrate Reduces Stress, Physical and Mental Fatigue in Healthy People: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial. Nutrients 6, 2348–2359 (2014).

Extramel® is a trademark registered by Robertet


Adaptogenic plant

Rhodiola, also known by the scientific name Rhodiola rosea , is an adaptogenic herb used for centuries in traditional medicine.

Rhodiola is renowned for its adaptogenic properties , such as alleviating the effects of stress and anxiety because it has the ability to regulate the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol . Rhodiola thus promotes better adaptation of the body to emotional stress.

It also has a positive impact on mood , reducing symptoms of mild to moderate depression.

Indeed, this plant has beneficial effects on mental fatigue and exhaustion.

What is an adaptogenic plant?

An adaptogenic plant is a medicinal plant with sourced bioactive compounds and recognized benefits. They act as metabolic regulators : they help the body to adapt and resist external factors and physical, mental and emotional stress.
These plants act by regulating the nervous, hormonal and immune systems, thus helping to maintain or restore physiological balance in the face of environmental changes. Adaptogens have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to strengthen resistance to stress, improve vitality and promote general well-being .

The term "adaptogen" was first used by Russian scientist Nikolai Lazarev in the 1940s to describe certain plants that have beneficial effects by increasing the body's resistance to stress.

Each adaptogenic herb has specific properties and may offer potential health benefits.

Results of studies carried out on the adaptogenic plant

In 2000, Spasov and his team conducted a study on students experiencing fatigue caused by stress during an exam period to evaluate the effect of a Rhodiola rosea extract.

The study included 40 participants, 20 of whom consumed 100 mg of a standardized extract of Rhodiola rosea (SHR-5) daily for 20 days, while the other 20 participants received a placebo.

The results showed that students who received the treatment with Rhodiola rosea extract showed significant improvements in their physical fitness (+21%) , particularly in neuromotor functions (+51%) and well-being. be general (+9%).

Additionally, these students reported a notable improvement in mental fatigue (+42%) , which translated into improved sleep rhythm and need, as well as greater mood stability.

These results suggest that the consumption of an extract of Rhodiola rosea is beneficial for students in situations of stress and mental fatigue, by improving their physical and psychological well-being as well as their neuro-motor performance.

Study Spasov, AA, Wikman, GK, Mandrikov, VB, Mironova, IA & Neumoin, VV A double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study of the stimulating and adaptogenic effect of Rhodiola rosea SHR-5 extract on the fatigue of students caused by stress during an examination period with a repeated low-dose regimen. Phytomedicine 7, 85–89 (2000).