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Optimize your well-being with AdaptivLab supplements

made from adaptogenic plants

Restorative Sleep with SOMMEIL Affron®

Sleep is the central pillar of a balanced life, directly influencing our mood, energy and overall health . SLEEP Affron®, an innovation from AdaptivLab, presents itself as valuable support in the pursuit of a restorative and peaceful night's sleep. This natural solution was designed for anyone who finds themselves faced with the frustrations of waking up at night and tired mornings.

By drawing on the richness of nature, SLEEP Affron® incorporates the poppy flower, recognized for centuries for its sedative qualities, to facilitate falling asleep and prolong the phases of deep sleep . The formula is enhanced by the addition of ashwagandha , an adaptogen that plays a key role in stress regulation. This ancient ingredient is famous for its ability to stabilize hormonal fluctuations linked to stress, thus promoting deep relaxation of the body and mind.

But the effectiveness of SLEEP Affron® does not stop there. Each component is selected to synergize and improve the overall quality of rest. SLEEP Affron® users report not only deeper, but more restorative sleep, waking up with a feeling of freshness and renewal, ready to greet the day with vigor and mental clarity.

FOCUS Brainberry®: Your partner for sharp memory

Our daily environment requires exceptional mental agility . With FOCUS Brainberry®, take on the challenge of flawless concentration and better memory . This formula developed by AdaptivLab includes Brainberry®, an aronia extract known for its beneficial effects on brain function. Combined with bacopa , a traditional adaptogen that supports memory and attention, FOCUS Brainberry® is a true elixir for your intellect.

In the complex maze of our digital existence, where distraction is omnipresent, this food supplement is an anchor that brings you back to the center of your cognitive potential . The addition of essential nutrients targets neurological mechanisms for a synergistic effect. It stimulates neuroplasticity, this wonderful power of the brain to reconfigure itself in response to learning and experience. This modern potion is designed for those who aspire to a sharp mind and increased thinking skills .

Savor the blueberry flavors that make every bite a moment of pleasure. FOCUS Brainberry® is more than just supporting your brain function, it's a celebration of the focusing power of your mind.

Boost your immunity with Astragin® IMMUNITY

In the quest for strong health, the role of the immune system is crucial. IMMUNITY Astragin® from AdaptivLab deploys an arsenal of natural nutrients to strengthen your natural defenses . The virtues of eleutherococcus, often called Siberian ginseng , are fused in this preparation to stimulate the vigor of your immune response.

With the addition of Astragin®, an innovative compound that increases the absorption of essential vitamins and amino acids, this supplement optimizes the availability of crucial nutrients for your immune system . The benefits are multiple: more rapid and effective defense, better adaptation to environmental stressors, and increased resilience in the face of seasonal fluctuations.

Savor the harmonious blend of honey and lemon that awakens your senses. Each drop of Astragin® IMMUNITY is a promise of vitality, carefully crafted to support a resilient body and mind. Embrace a proactive approach to health with a formula that looks after you, day after day.

STRESS Extramel®: Your ally against anti-stress tensions

In a world where the hectic pace of daily life can often cause stress and tension, it is essential to find effective ways to counter them. This is where STRESS Extramel® from AdaptivLab shines as an invaluable companion in your quest for serenity and well-being .

Formulated from ingredients chosen for their soothing properties, STRESS Extramel® is much more than a simple food supplement; it is a promise of inner peace. Drawing on the recognized powers of Rhodiola , an adaptogenic plant renowned for its ability to balance the body's responses to stress, this preparation aims to harmonize your state of mind, improve concentration and promote better management of emotional and physical tensions .

But STRESS Extramel® does not just relieve the mind. Its active components also help support cognitive function and strengthen vitality. In other words, in addition to soothing, it invigorates and prepares the body to better resist the onslaught of future stress. Its action is gentle, but deep and lasting, offering refuge from external turmoil.

AdaptivLab, in developing STRESS Extramel® , has carefully ensured that it respects production ethics. Thus, just like the other products in their range, STRESS Extramel® is gluten-free, without added sugars, without GMOs and is perfectly suited to a vegan diet. Manufacturing in France guarantees compliance with strict quality and safety standards, ensuring that you benefit from a product that is as pure as it is effective.

For those looking to maintain balance in the face of everyday demands, STRESS Extramel® from AdaptivLab is the perfect ally. This anti-stress supplement offers a solution designed to adapt to the complexity of your modern life while providing natural and beneficial support.

VITALITY Senactiv®: A conditioner with Notoginseng and rosehip extracts

Energize your routine with VITALITÉ Senactiv® from AdaptivLab. This powerful conditioner is designed to amplify your energy and boost your daily vitality . Fortified with guarana, it is your ideal ally for maintaining mental alertness and bodily vigor. The addition of iron and vitamin C completes the formula, fighting against exhaustion and helping you push the boundaries of fatigue.

AdaptivLab's promise is to offer you dietary supplements free of gluten, dairy, added sugars, animal cruelty, and GMOs. Our products are meticulously crafted to complement a vegan lifestyle.

SkinAx²™ from AdaptivLab: Radiance and youthfulness of natural skin

SKIN SkinAx²™ is an innovative supplement from AdaptivLab and is your ally for radiant and healthy skin. Thanks to its advanced formula, SKIN SkinAx²™ targets premature skin aging, boosts hydration and preserves the natural radiance of your skin, while combating the harmful effects of chronic stress.

Enriched with SkinAx²™ , a patented compound based on natural grape seed and melon extracts, as well as vitamin C and zinc, this product is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against free radical damage, helping to better elasticity and a more even and luminous complexion. The SkinAx²™ SKIN formulation is designed to strengthen the health and vitality of the skin from the inside out.

Choosing SKIN SkinAx²™ from AdaptivLab means opting for a product that respects your skin and the environment, while committing to the fight against oxidative stress and preserving your natural beauty on a daily basis.

Answers to your questions

Everything you need to know about AdaptivLab wellness supplements

How to take full advantage of these supplements?

Each of these supplements is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. With just two chewable gummies a day, you can significantly improve your quality of life. For optimal results, a 90-day course is recommended, to give your body time to adapt and reap the full benefits of these carefully crafted formulas.

What are AdaptivLab’s quality commitments?

AdaptivLab stands out for its commitment to offering high quality products, made in France, with natural ingredients, free of gluten, dairy products, added sugars, animal cruelty and GMO-free. This attention to detail ensures that you receive only the best for your health and well-being.

AdaptivLab is committed to being your wellness companion. Our formulas, scientifically developed and tested for their effectiveness, are there to support you at every stage of your health journey. We believe in a holistic approach, where each product is a piece of the puzzle of a full and balanced life.

For more information on these supplements and to start your journey to optimal wellness, visit our collection page. AdaptivLab is here to light your path to better health.

Where can I find the composition of your products?

The detailed composition of all our food supplements can be found on the page of each product under the “Ingredients” section. We are committed to full transparency regarding the ingredients used, so you can make an informed decision.

Are your supplements truly GMO-free?

Absolutely, we guarantee that all of our supplements are GMO-free. We meticulously choose our ingredients to ensure that they are natural and not genetically modified, in accordance with our commitments to quality and the health of our customers.

Our products are perfectly suited to people following a vegan diet. Designed without GMOs, without gluten, without lactose, and without added sugars, it is ideal for those who are attentive to the composition of their food supplements.