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Dairy free

Gluten free & added sugars

No animal testing

Adaptogenic plants in food supplements

Darwin rightly remarked that living things must adapt to survive for a long time. Man is an intelligent being, so he can find various ways to adapt and enhance his...

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I took more gummies than the recommended dose?

Do not panic, but we recommend that you carefully follow the instructions for use indicated on the back of your bottle of gummies.

How long does a cure last?

The effectiveness of our products has been proven after 4 weeks of daily use. However, for certain references, such as Sleep or Vitality, the benefits start from the first dose.

Do gummies contain sugar?

AdaptivLab products are without added sugar. That said, the natural ingredients we use contain sugar.

Do AdaptivLab gummies contain animal gelatin?

Our gummies contain fruit pectin, but do not contain animal gelatin. They are therefore suitable for vegetarians.


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