A passion for plants and well-being

Our history


Your daily well-being through plants

In a world where nature is moving further and further away from our daily lives, we have decided to take matters into our own hands!

We believe that the power of nature can bring balance and well-being to our modern lives.

Driven by this unwavering passion, in 2023 we created AdaptivLab, a French brand of food supplements based in Paris.

Our goal is to develop gummies that allow everyone to benefit from the extraordinary benefits of scientifically studied plants.


Expertise and quality in our Well-Being Gummies

Each AdaptivLab gummy is the result of extensive research. Our products are carefully designed and considered by our product managers, who devote particular attention to delicate texture and captivating fragrances, in order to transport consumers on a unique sensory journey.

We attach great importance to selecting the purest and most potent plants . To do this, we surround ourselves with a team of experts in plant biology, who have a perfect understanding of the properties of plants. This expertise allows us to create unique synergies , thereby maximizing the effectiveness and absorption of essential nutrients by the body.

Our gummies are then rigorously tested in our laboratories located in the heart of France. We extract the precious extracts from plants without altering their integrity and carefully combine them with tastes and textures. Each element is then assembled to high quality standards, giving rise to our AdaptivLab gummies.

Today, we bring together a community of people passionate about health and wellness . Together, we share our expertise, our tips and our discoveries, creating a team driven by the quest to offer you a fulfilling life full of vitality.


A Natural Approach to Overall Well-Being

All our ingredients are carefully selected for their superior quality. Each of our formulas is meticulously crafted using adaptogenic and herbal plants . We carefully study these plants, based on proven clinical studies, to guarantee the benefits of our products.

Our laboratories choose plants with titrated, patented extracts from French cultures when possible. We also favor short circuits and maintain direct relationships with producers and pickers. Thus, we offer you increased peace of mind by ensuring the provenance of our ingredients.

However, our mission is not limited to harnessing the benefits of nature. We aspire to go further to fully satisfy you. Our goal is to merge the benefits of a gummy with the effectiveness of a capsule, while preserving natural well-being . We believe in balancing the power of nature and scientific advances to offer you exceptional products.


Our gummies

We make it a point of honor to formulate our little erasers to precisely meet your needs.

The quality of our products is a priority for us, which is why our gummies are made in France, in ISO 22000 certified laboratories, thus ensuring the safety and purity of each gummy.

Product wraps are made entirely from conifers, offering 100% plant-based materials. In addition, the solvents are of vegetable origin, making no use of petrochemicals.

In order to guarantee the quality and safety of our products, they are subjected to a double microbiological analysis. Regular audits are also carried out on the production and packaging sites to ensure compliance with good manufacturing practices.

Natural supplements for your well-being

Every day, our dedication at AdaptivLab is reflected in our team's unwavering commitment to meeting your wellness needs.

Aware of the importance of optimal health , we use all our expertise to develop food supplements that integrate harmoniously into your daily routine.

Our top priority is to support you in your quest for better well-being , by providing you with high-quality natural products that contribute to your overall health.

To deepen your knowledge of the benefits of our supplements and explore a wealth of information related to natural health and well-being, we invite you to visit our blog. You will discover detailed articles , practical advice and comprehensive guides that will help you make informed choices for your health.

From the importance of restful sleep to the secrets of a sharp memory, our blog is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to enrich their understanding and improve their quality of life through the power of nature!

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