The benefits

Stress has negative effects on a person's vitality. When we are under excessive stress, it can deplete our energy resources and lead to chronic fatigue. It is therefore important to manage stress effectively in order to preserve our vitality and general well-being.

Our VITALITY Senactiv® gummies will help limit the impact of stress on energy throughout the day as much as possible.

Indeed, they help maintain dynamic well-being through high physical and mental energy. They will allow a feeling of overall vitality to face the demands of daily life by improving positive mental energy, resistance to stress and the ability to feel fulfilled and engaged in the activities of daily life.

improvement of the activity of citrate synthase (enzyme which produces energy

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improved mental flexibility



Senactiv® is an adaptogenic herbal complex that promotes vitality and energy. It contains ingredients that help the body adapt to stress and maintain a good energy balance. By promoting resistance to stress and improving physical and mental performance, it contributes to better daily vitality.


Iron is an essential mineral for the human body, playing a crucial role in the formation of red blood cells and the transport of oxygen. It also contributes to the proper functioning of the immune system and to the maintenance of energy and the stability of cognitive performance.


Guarana is known for its benefits on vitality and energy. Due to its high caffeine content, guarana can help boost metabolism, improve concentration, and reduce mental fatigue. It is also used to increase energy levels and improve physical performance.


Vitamin C plays an important role in vitality and energy. It is essential for the production of collagen, which maintains tissue health and promotes wound healing. Additionally, vitamin C boosts the immune system, which helps maintain overall good health and reduce fatigue. It also acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals.


The objective ingredient

Guarana is a naturally caffeine-rich ingredient, making it an effective stimulant for increasing vitality and energy. Its benefits on vitality are numerous. It helps fight fatigue and maintain a high level of energy throughout the day. By stimulating the central nervous system, guarana improves concentration, alertness and promotes better mental focus.

It also helps to build physical endurance, supporting prolonged physical activity.

In addition, guarana helps boost metabolism, thereby promoting fat burning and weight management. It also offers antioxidant properties, protecting cells from damage caused by free radicals.

Finally, guarana improves cognitive function and mental performance, making it a valuable ally for overall vitality and optimal well-being.

What is an objectified ingredient?

Objectified ingredients are components used in skin care products, cosmetics and dietary supplements. They have undergone rigorous scientific testing and evaluation to demonstrate their effectiveness and health benefits. The objectification of ingredients generally involves clinical or in vitro studies aimed at evaluating their effects on the body. These studies measure specific parameters which are then used to support claims about the benefits of the ingredient.

The presence of objective ingredients in a product indicates its effectiveness, as there is strong scientific evidence to back up claims made about them.

Analysis of the objectified ingredient

In 2007, a randomized double-blind clinical study against placebo was carried out on 26 volunteers (18 women and 8 men) with an average age of 21 years. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of a Guarana extract, standardized to 13% caffeine, on cognition and mood.

Different dosages of Guarana have been tested, including 37.5 mg, 75 mg, 150 mg and 300 mg, to establish the optimal amount.

The results of the study demonstrated the following:

  • Significant improvement in tests of "secondary memory", including delayed word recognition, delayed picture recognition, immediate word recall and delayed word recall. The failure score was less than 20% for 75 mg Guarana supplementation.
  • Participants who received the 37.5 mg and 75 mg Guarana supplements also showed a noticeable improvement in their mood.

These results suggest that Guarana supplementation, at specific dosages, may positively impact cognition, particularly secondary memory, as well as mood in participants.

Study Haskell CF, Kennedy DO, Wesnes KA, Milne AL, Scholey AB. A double-blind, placebo-controlled, multi-dose evaluation of the acute behavioral effects of guarana in humans. J Psychopharmacol. 2007 Jan;21(1):65‑70.

GMO free

Dairy free

Gluten free & added sugars

Suitable for vegetarians


The adaptogenic plant

Senactiv®, also known as notoginseng and rosehip, is an adaptogenic herb renowned for its vitality benefits. It helps reduce fatigue and increase energy by regulating metabolism and promoting the production of ATP, the cellular energy source.

Senactiv® also improves resistance to stress by regulating levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and promoting emotional balance. It strengthens cognitive abilities, improving concentration, memory and mental focus.

In addition, it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, protecting cells against damage caused by free radicals. Senactiv® also supports cardiovascular health by promoting blood circulation and regulating blood pressure.

Finally, it strengthens the immune system, thus promoting better resistance to infections and diseases.

What is an adaptogenic herb?

Adaptogenic herbs contain natural compounds that support the body's ability to adapt and cope with physical, emotional and environmental stress.

The concept of adaptogen was originally formulated by Russian scientist Nikolai Lazarev in the 1940s to describe plants that seemed to have beneficial effects by increasing the body's resistance to stress.

These herbs are often used in traditional and alternative medicine to promote overall health, balance the body, regulate the hormonal system, strengthen the immune system, improve physical and mental endurance, reduce fatigue, and aid recovery. Each adaptogenic herb has its own specific properties and may offer potential health benefits.

Analysis of adaptogenic plants

In 2015, a clinical study was carried out to evaluate the effect of a 50 mg supplementation of SENACTIV® on the production of ATP in 14 cyclists with an average age of 21 years. This study was conducted double-blind, with one group receiving SENACTIV® and one group receiving a placebo.

The cyclists took 50 mg of SENACTIV® at two different times: 12 hours and 1 hour before intense physical exertion. The results of the study revealed a significant increase of 47% in the activity of citrate synthase , which is the first enzyme in the Krebs cycle*. This indicates that citric acid plays a vital role in the production of ATP, which is the energy needed for proper cell function.

*The Krebs cycle, also known as the citric acid cycle, is a crucial metabolic process that actively participates in the production of cellular energy. Indeed, a complete turn of the Krebs cycle makes it possible to obtain 12 molecules of ATP, thus demonstrating its importance in the production of energy necessary to support cellular activities.

Study Hou, C.-W., Lee, S.-D., Kao, C.-L., Cheng, I.-S., Lin, Y.-N., Chuang, S.-J., … Kuo, C.-H. (2015). Improved Inflammatory Balance of Human Skeletal Muscle during Exercise after Supplementations of the Ginseng-Based Steroid Rg1. Plos One, 10(1). doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0116387