The benefits

Chronic stress causes stress hormones to increase beyond normal levels unique to each individual, which can have adverse effects on skin health. This hormonal elevation can cause problems such as acne, dry skin, and inflammation.

Our SKIN SkinAx²™ gummies are specially designed to limit the impact of stress on the skin. Thanks to their formulation, they help preserve the balance of the skin by regulating inflammatory responses and improving the skin barrier.

Indeed, these gummies promote more radiant and healthy skin by maintaining its hydration, reducing blemishes and soothing irritations. They also help support collagen production, improving skin firmness and elasticity while helping to relax, for a more radiant and relaxed complexion.

redness reduction

reduction in the amount of pigment spots

significant improvement in skin elasticity



SkinAx²™ is a patented ingredient based on grape, melon and zinc extracts. It provides powerful antioxidants to protect the skin against free radicals, reduce premature aging and improve skin hydration, thus promoting smoother and more radiant skin. These benefits are backed by studies and research.


Grape seed extracts are rich in antioxidants, such as proanthocyanidins, which help protect the skin against free radicals and premature aging. They can help improve skin texture, reduce sun damage and promote a glowing complexion.


Zinc is an essential mineral that offers several benefits for the skin. It helps regulate sebum production, which can benefit oily and acne-prone skin. Additionally, zinc promotes wound healing and can help reduce skin inflammation, promoting healthier, balanced skin.


Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps protect the skin against damage caused by free radicals and UV rays. It promotes the production of collagen, thus improving the elasticity and firmness of the skin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Additionally, vitamin C can also even out skin tone by fading dark spots and giving skin a brighter glow.


The objective ingredient

SkinAx²™ is a validated ingredient recognized for its beneficial effects on the skin. It is made from a blend of French melon and grape seed extracts. Clinical studies have shown that SkinAx²™ helps improve skin elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and enhance skin radiance. Plus, it provides antioxidant protection, helping to fight the harmful effects of free radicals, contributing to healthier, younger-looking skin.

The antioxidant properties of SkinAx²™ also help prevent premature skin aging and reduce damage caused by exposure to environmental factors such as pollution and UV rays. Thanks to its benefits on the skin, SkinAx²™ has become a sought-after ingredient in skin care products aimed at improving the texture, firmness and radiance of the skin. Regular use can contribute to more radiant, glowing and revitalized skin.

What is an objectified ingredient?

An objectified ingredient is an ingredient used in skin care products, cosmetics or dietary supplements. This ingredient has undergone rigorous scientific testing and evaluation to demonstrate its effectiveness and health benefits.

Objectification of ingredients involves clinical studies or in vitro studies to assess their effects on the body. These studies measure specific parameters and are then used to support claims about the ingredient's benefits.

The presence of objective ingredients in a product testifies to its effectiveness, because scientific evidence supports the claims made about them.

Analysis of the objectified ingredient

In an open clinical study conducted on 35 women aged 40 to 70 with a dull complexion and receiving 150 mg of SKINAX for 8 weeks, the results showed: a reduction in redness by 19.3%, a reduction in the amount of pigment spots by 20.7% and a significant improvement in skin elasticity by 8.6%.

Study “SkinAx_Scientific product overview_V00.pdf”

Reduction of redness


Task reduction


Improved elasticity


GMO free

Dairy free

Gluten free & added sugars

Suitable for vegetarians


SkinAx²™ ingredients

SkinAx²™ is a synergistic combination of skin-beneficial ingredients. French melon extract, rich in superoxide dismutase (SOD), provides powerful antioxidant protection, preventing free radical damage and improving skin elasticity while reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Grape seed extract provides procyanidins, boosting antioxidant protection and stimulating collagen production, which improves skin firmness and texture.

Zinc acts as an additional protective antioxidant, helping to protect the skin from free radicals and promoting healing and skin regeneration.

As for vitamin C, it offers powerful protection against premature aging by neutralizing free radicals and stimulating the production of collagen, which reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

SkinAx²™ Ingredient Analysis

The flavanols present in grape seed extract improve collagen synthesis by increasing the level of collagen precursors in fibroblasts.

Similarly, vitamin C plays a role in the synthesis of type I collagen (predominant in the skin) and type IV (component of the cellular basement membrane).

Decreased superoxide dismutase (SOD) is associated with the breakdown of collagen, leading to loss of elasticity and atrophy of the skin. SOD, mainly present in the extracellular matrix, is associated with type I collagen and protects collagen from oxidation, thus preventing premature aging of cells. In addition, flavanols provide collagen stability by forming bonds with collagen fibers, and they are also able to inhibit collagenase activity.