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Adaptogenic plants in food supplements

Darwin rightly remarked that living things must adapt to survive for a long time. Man is an intelligent being, so he can find various ways to adapt and enhance his...

"It's not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent. It's the one that adapts best to change." -Charles Darwin.

Darwin rightly noted that living things must adapt to survive for a long time. Man is an intelligent being, so he can find various ways to adapt and strengthen his body's ability to adapt to various stressors.

Man has long known that certain plants, such as rhodiola, ginseng and many others, are exceptionally effective in strengthening the body's ability to adapt. In the mid- 20th century, researchers began to develop the concept of adaptogens and study various plants in clinical studies. 1

Adaptogens are plants that increase the body's adaptive capacity, resilience, tolerance and adaptation to stress. Adaptogens are essentially natural plant extracts. However, adaptogens can also be produced synthetically. Synthetic adaptogens are called actoprotectants 2 . For example, vitamins today can be produced synthetically, and many vitamins enhance the body's ability to combat stress and adapt.

Why use plant adaptogens?

There are many reasons to prefer plant adaptogens. They are safe and help the body fight stress without increasing energy needs. It is also essential to understand that adaptogens normalize various functions in the body. This means that they can precisely adjust the body's different responses. They can therefore increase or decrease various metabolic processes. 1 This is why adaptogens can help reduce blood pressure, or even increase it if necessary. In addition, these substances can strengthen immunity and help suppress hypersensitivity or combat allergies.

The reason for using plant-based adaptogens is simple: science cannot create substances as powerful as natural adaptogens. Natural adaptogens are very complex. They contain dozens, if not hundreds, of compounds that work synergistically with each other. So, they contain antioxidants, terpenes, stilbenes, lignans, etc. 3

Natural extracts like rhodiola or ginseng are a cocktail of many organic compounds. Science does not yet know how this cocktail of natural compounds works. Organic compounds isolated from these plants or herbs are not very beneficial to health. To act as an adaptogen, various organic compounds must act synergistically and be present in specific proportions. The proportions in which different compounds must be present to act as an adaptogen are nature's best kept secret.

Adaptogens act at different levels. For example, they can modulate immunity, modify endocrine function and influence the functioning of neurotransmitters. They can also modulate signaling pathways between cells in ways that no known synthetic compound can do. 1

Adaptogens are suitable for regular use. They help maintain homeostasis. In other words, they help keep the body in a stable state, even during times of extreme stress and illness. They can therefore be used to prevent diseases. But they are also useful for managing health disorders, because these are mainly due to specific imbalances in the body.

Modern Lifestyle and the Importance of Adaptogens

There is a solid scientific reason why everyone should consider taking dietary supplements containing adaptogens. Indeed, man's way of life has changed considerably over the last century. This means that today people are more likely to die from lifestyle disorders than from infections.

In addition, lifestyle disorders cause significant disability. In addition, these disorders lead to a significant decline in quality of life. For example, joint diseases may not kill an individual. However, they cause great distress, years of disability and a significant decline in quality of life.

Nowadays, people are more likely to die from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, liver and kidney disease, cancer, etc. . 4 According to the WHO, 74% of deaths are due to non-communicable/non-infectious diseases. 5 Many of these can be prevented through lifestyle interventions and dietary supplements.

Adaptogens are not only used to prevent premature death or prolong life. They also help you stay active longer and improve your quality of life. Today, most adults live with one or another chronic health problem. For example, one in four adults (approximately 25%) suffer from joint pain 6 , approximately 30% suffer from depression, anxiety and stress 7 , and 11 to 40% of adults live with chronic pain at some point. given 8 .

All of these chronic health problems have one thing in common. These health problems arise or are made worse by the body's diminished ability to fight stress and adapt. They are caused by significant oxidative stress, high levels of stress hormones, chronic inflammation and changes in metabolic activity.

Adaptogens can help to fine-tune various body functions and therefore prevent these disorders. They can not only help prevent these health problems, but also manage them. Adaptogens may also exert anti-aging effects, prevent mitochondrial dysfunction, reduce fatigue, and help you feel energized.

Taking adaptogens in gummies has distinct benefits

Dietary supplements come in many forms. However, among the different forms, gummies are perhaps the best way to take natural supplements.

One of the most common complaints about dietary supplements is that many people do not get the expected benefits from them. There are multiple reasons for this, such as lack of compliance and low bioavailability. Chewing gum therefore attempts to compensate for these shortcomings.

Here are some of the distinct benefits of using chewing gum :

  • Convenience and Conformity : These concepts are interrelated. If a supplement is not convenient to take, one is unlikely to take it regularly. Food supplements must be taken regularly to benefit from their beneficial effects on health. Erasers are easy to carry; they can be taken without water; plus, they have an amazing flavor. They are therefore suitable for both children and busy adults. They are even suitable for adults who have difficulty swallowing pills. Better compliance always results in better health effects. 9
  • Higher Bioavailability : This is perhaps an even more important reason to use the gummies. Natural extracts have a significant problem: their bioavailability is low when ingested. However, this low bioavailability is not only due to poor absorption of natural ingredients, but also to so-called first-pass metabolism. This means that many natural compounds never reach the bloodstream because the liver neutralizes them after absorption. 9

Gums can overcome all these obstacles because they are chewed and broken in the mouth. Their active ingredients are quickly absorbed through the tongue and reach the bloodstream bypassing the liver. What remains is ingested and absorbed through the intestine like other food supplements.

Gummies are the ideal way to take adaptogens, since adaptogens need to be used for a long time. Of course, not all erasers are created equal, so it is essential to choose high-quality brands.


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