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Harness the power of rhodiola against stress for optimal well-being

Conditions like stress are difficult to understand because there are no reliable laboratory tests to measure chronic stress levels in individuals. Unfortunately, this also means that chronic stress often goes...

 Stressful situations are common. However, some people feel stressed or overwhelmed most of the time; they feel tired, have trouble concentrating, are in a bad mood most of the time and may experience body aches. If you have these symptoms, you most likely have chronic stress disorder .

It is essential to understand that when we talk about stress, we are essentially talking about chronic stress . Acute stress is quite a different thing. The acute stress response does not last long. It helps people protect themselves from threats by triggering a "fight or flight" response.

However, chronic stress is like keeping the alarm bells constantly ringing. It is detrimental to mental and physical health. Although most people with chronic stress are aware of their problem, they may overlook it because it causes more subtle signs.

Understand the threat of chronic stress

Conditions like stress are difficult to understand because there are no reliable laboratory tests to measure chronic stress levels in individuals. Unfortunately, this also means that chronic stress often goes undiagnosed and untreated until it progresses to physical and mental conditions.

One of the UK Mental Health Foundation's 2018 surveys found that over the course of the year, 74% of adults said they had experienced excessive stress , a type of stress they do not couldn't cope. 1

It is essential to understand that stress is not limited to mental distress or mood problems. On the contrary, prolonged stress has far more serious consequences.

Thus, the study shows that people living with chronic stress: 1

  • Increased the risk of depression and anxiety by 50%.
  • A third of them even report suicidal thoughts.
  • Half of people living with stress go on binge eating.
  • People living with stress are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol or engage in risky behaviors.

Suppose stress is not managed by lifestyle or by the use of dietary supplements like Rhodola Stress. In this case, it can lead to much more serious changes in the organism. In addition, unmanaged chronic stress can increase the risk of many physical ailments.

People who do not manage their stress through lifestyle interventions, such as exercise, diet, practicing mindfulness, and using supplements, may eventually experience specific changes in the brain and the body, which is very difficult to reverse. 2

Chronic stress can lead to increased sympathetic activity, changes in neurotransmitter levels, increased cortisol production, increased aldosterone production, reduced immunity, increased low-grade inflammation, and more. 2

All of these changes increase the risk of depression, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, brain disorders, sleep disorders, strokes and even cancer.

The key to a healthy life is therefore not to neglect stress. However, many people find it difficult to make significant lifestyle changes. Stressed people are less inclined to practice physical activities, to choose a healthy diet, etc.

That doesn't mean you can't do anything about chronic stress. However, people with chronic stress need to support their body and brain. One of these ways could be the use of natural supplements such as Rhodola Stress.

Fight stress with Rhodiola stress

Rhodola stress can help fight stress in multiple ways. In addition, it should be understood that this supplement is not only used to combat stress. It is an excellent adaptogen rich in antioxidants, which can suppress chronic inflammation and strengthen the nerves. It can therefore increase the body's ability to fight stress and even reverse some of the problems caused by stress.

Here are some of the ingredients in Rhodola and their role in fighting stress:

  • Extramel® melon SOD : This is a concentrate of melon pulp, an exclusive formula, rich in superoxide dismutase (SOD), one of the most powerful antioxidants known to science. SOD is naturally produced by the human body; it is therefore safe when taken as a dietary supplement. SOD neutralizes free radicals and strengthens defenses against oxidative stress.

SOD can help overcome stress, exert an anti-aging effect, decrease inflammation, reduce the risk of cancer, help fight diabetes, neurodegenerative disorders, arthritis and much more. 3

Studies show that SOD is particularly beneficial for the brain and may help prevent memory impairment due to stress. 4 It also reduces the risk of atherosclerosis, and therefore of heart disease and stroke. 5

  • Rhodiola : This is perhaps one of the best known adaptogens. It is particularly effective in combating stress, reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, reducing depression, improving cardiovascular health, improving work performance and much more. Its prolonged use can improve metabolic, physical and mental health. 6 Rhodiola has a broad spectrum of activity, which allows it to precisely regulate various functions of the body. Clinical studies confirm that it is particularly effective in reducing mental stress and improving mental performance. 7
  • California Poppy Extract : It is often described as a nervous herb. 8 This is a category of herbs that are quite effective in reducing anxiety, calming nerves, improving nerve function, etc. It is also suitable for improving the quality of sleep. It can therefore help to manage stress.
  • Vitamin B6 : All B vitamins are good for nerve health, but vitamin B6 or pyridoxine is exceptionally versatile. It is necessary for the functioning of more than 100 enzyme systems in the body. It is essential for protein metabolism. Vitamin B6 plays an essential role in mental development, biosynthesis of neurotransmitters, strengthening the immune system and reducing inflammation by suppressing homocysteine ​​levels. 9

Rhodiola stress is a unique combination of intelligently chosen ingredients whose effectiveness is scientifically proven. But above all, they complement their respective actions. Thus, SOD melon is a powerful antioxidant, rhodiola is an adaptogen, California poppy is a nervous herb and vitamin B6 promotes the action of all plant extracts.

In summary, it is essential to understand that chronic stress is one of the important underlying factors for the increase in various chronic diseases. It is particularly detrimental to heart and brain health. Unfortunately, it is often overlooked. People often continue to live with stress for years and take no action.

The Rhodola stress food supplement can be a great way to fight stress. But, of course, chronic stress requires prolonged therapy. In addition, to get the most out of it, it should be combined with other lifestyle measures, such as regular physical exercise, improving the quality of sleep, dietary measures, practicing mindfulness, and many more.


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